Today we are talking about a book and a movie that everyone can relate to- " The Glass Castle".

It’s a New York Times bestseller 2005 memoir of a gossip columnist Jeanette Walls and it’s 2017 adaptation The Glass Castle. It details Janette Walls’ childhood, a father-daughter relationship and is based on a true story about a family living in poverty.

“The Glass Castle" is anything but simple.  Usually, I don’t like such “negative” books, but what is so special about this one is the way the author writes about her parents, with such affection. Another astonishing feeling you get is how these kids believe that their unstable life is an amazing adventure. This memoir has to be one of the most unique memoirs I’ve ever read. The “Glass Castle" is an addicting page-turner that you would enjoy reading.

The plot of “The Glass Castle"

The book begins with the episode when a successful New York writer is watching her mother picking trash from the dumpster and pretends not to see or know her.  Do you want to know how it happened?

Rex and Rose Mary Walls have four children. They travel from town to town; Rex rarely works. He promises that next time they move it will be better. It never is. Rex talks about building a glass castle, which he never builds.  When he is not drunk, he is fun and intelligent, he teaches kids, enjoys spending time with them.

Rose Mary is an artist who ignores the world around her and who can’t stand the responsibility of providing and taking care of her family.
Let me quote:  Cooking a meal that would be consumed in fifteen minutes had no appeal when she could make a painting that might last forever.
“Just remember,” Mom said after examining the blisters, “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” “If that was true, I’d be Hercules by now,” Lori said.”

Walls’ story is not unique. For most of us, it evokes memories. The most striking to me is its Stockholm syndrome.

“The Glass Castle" – The movie

The movie “The Glass Castle" was released in 2017, by Lionsgate. It’s got mixed reviews, though it got compliments on the cast performances. And it’s true: The cast is fantastic. Oscar winners and nominees: Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson, Max Greenfield, and Sarah Snook.

I think, The Glass Castle” is a better book than a movie which is not surprising, since books are often more involving than their film adaptations.

It is written really well and I couldn’t put it down. Instead of turning bitter about her childhood, the author is positive and she teaches us a lot about family, forgiveness and love. If you haven’t read “The Glass Castle"  yet, I highly recommend it. There is also an audiobook read by the author. If you think it would be difficult for you to read in English, watch the movie with subtitles, if not, read in your language, because you won’t regret it.

Write down in the comments what’s your favorite book.  Enjoy reading, listening and watching!

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