How to speak more professionally in business situations

speak business English professionally

Is it possible to speak business English professionally?

Are you tired of not being able to speak English confidently in meetings and business environment?

I hear you!    In this article I’ll teach you how to  speak business English professionally  and to adapt it for your business situations.

Having taught hundreds of students to speak business English professionally for more than 20  years, I know how to get ahead of the game.


Firstly, we’ll speak about the confidence that helps you to sound professional and then we’ll learn 7 idioms that would elevate your everyday language to a totally new level.  Let’s dive into it!

 Why is it so hard to speak business English professionally?

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t know special business English vocabulary or you are afraid to sound unprofessional.  You think it’s impossible for a non-native speaker to speak business English professionally? Are you are trying to be a perfectionist? Or maybe you are choosing the wrong content to present during the business meeting?  Does it sound like you?  We all are only humans after all…


With a few simple changes, you can be awesome in business situations and speak business English professionally in any situation.  Let’s work on your business English confidence with these 3 steps:

Step 1: Imagine you’re talking to someone who needs to hear the information you’re giving. Don’t care what they think, relax and do your thing!

Step 2: Trying to be perfect makes you sound less natural. Own your mistakes and talk as if you are speaking to a friend.

Step 3:  Make sure to use the idioms that would instantly elevate your language to the next level and would help you to speak business English professionally.

speak professionaly in business situations

Let’s have a look at these magic words!

1.       To think outside the boxTo think creatively
2.       To get down to businessTo start talking about serious topics
3.       To be on the same pageTo agree or understand
4.       The big/bigger pictureThe entire perspective on a situation
5.       To do by the bookTo follow the  rules or the law
6.       No-brainerSomething obvious or easy
7.       In a nutshellIn summary


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