12 topics and vocabulary to pass the TOEIC test successfully

topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test

Topics and vocabulary to pass the TOEIC test

What is the best way to prepare to your listening and reading parts of the TOEIC test?

The key to passing the TOEIC test –  enriching your vocabulary.

There is no certain list of topics, but there are topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test.  If you improve your vocabulary in following topics you would double your chances to succeed.

The most frequent topics and vocabulary of  the TOEIC test

  • Entertainment: Social gatherings, Food, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Sports

Though this test evaluates your professional or Business English, there are some general topics to review.

  • Economy in general and conjucture in particular

This topic is used a lot in conversations and in texts. You don’t want to miss it!!  Read articles and watch the news.

  • Employment: Salary, Benefits, Recruitment, Job Search, Trade, Training.

    There is often job adverts topic in the Reading part of the test.

topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test

  • Finance: Financial Markets, Accounting, Banking, Payments, Taxes.

Pay attention to Accounting vocabulary: turnover forecasts, profits, assets / liabilities. You need to study this subject in detail. Banking vocabulary is also widely used in the exam, especially charges, overdrafts, loans, etc.

  • Industry, Logistics, Deadlines and Industrial Projects

Process of  product manufacturing, delivery, deadlines.  This would definitely be there!

  •  Computers, Smartphones, New technologies

It is mostly about computers in business and everything needed for its operation: software, backups, databases, CRM.

  •  Law and Contracts

This is also one of the topics and vocabulary to pass the TOEIC test. Pay special attention to it! Contracts to be signed, corrections to be made, etc.

  • Marketing

Everything that has to do with ads, prices, products, client loyalty, etc.

  • Weather

This topic is almost always used in part I.4 of the exam: radio weather forecasts. Learn all the vocab related to weather conditions and forecasts.

  • Sales and distribution 

Sales: clients, distributors, customer service, etc.


  • Business Life: Organization, Internal Issues, Presentations, Conferences, Customer Service, Human Resources,  Management, Office Supplies, Change.

Everything that has to do with corporate life and culture.


  • Travel: tourism, corporate travel, means of transport.

Oftenly used in conversations about means of transport (plane, bus, boat, car..) and  schedules.

topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test

Do I need a vocabulary list?

As you know the vocabulary you need to know to pass the exam is enormous.  Here is a tip: if you are running out of time concentrate on the topics above. (topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test)

There is no vocabulary list to help you because they change the topics and the words they use.


How to prepare?

I recommend to read the articles. If you have time, I think it might be helpful to subscribe to a newspaper in English. This way you won’t be able to make an excuse- there would be a pile of papers growing on your table. Watch the news: not in your language but in English, listen to the radio. Alexa or Google home might help with that, and next time you are peeling potatoes or washing the dishes you’ll be learning some new vocabulary.

Learn topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test mentioned in this article.

Remember why you are doing it in the first place (higher salary, new job, to get accepted in a reputable school, etc. ) and enjoy the process!

topics and vocabulary to pass the toeic test

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